Resource Guide

With the exception of the online resources, this is a guide specifically for persons in Trinidad and Tobago.

This guide will provide citizens with a list of free or reduced cost resources for those facing issues related to mental illness, violence against children and gender-based violence. This is not an exhaustive list but #NotOkay hopes to provide citizens with a place to start. Follow the link for a more detailed list of Ministry of Health resources provided through their mental health unit.

In case of emergency please contact police at 999, ambulance 811 or Childline 131.

Mental Health Resources

Gender-Based Violence Resources

Child Abuse Resources

Online and Digital Resources

Please send a message if there are any other resources that you would like added to the directory or if there are any that should be removed for any reason, such as their being no longer operational.

Why did we create this directory? Read this interview with the original architect of the directory.


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