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Guidelines for submissions


Thank you for choosing to share!

If you’re sharing about your mental health, share your personal experiences of being stigmatized or judged for your mental health or share an encouraging message to anyone else who is struggling with their mental health.

If sharing your experience with being judged or otherwise stigmatised, you can keep it specific to one event and describe that event and how it made you feel, or you can talk about the stigma that you faced towards your mental health in general and how it affected you.

You can attach a photo of yourself below if you would like to include it with your story when we share it to social media.

If you’re sharing about a personal experience of abuse, we thank you for your courage! Please share, especially, anything that people would have said or done when you told them about the abuse or when they found out that were not okay (like not taking it seriously, or even blaming you for it).

  1. Please do not include references to specific medications or doctors.
  2. It’s okay to talk about your experiences with being suicidal, but please do not include the specific details of a suicide attempt.
  3. Please try to avoid including graphic details of abuse or violence.
  4. Don’t include the names of any abusers. You can include a false name for them.
  5. No profanity.
  6. Avoid comparisons of mental illness to violence and abuse, which can promote stigmatizing opinions.
  7. Please try to avoid using terms like “psychotic”, “psycho,” “delusional”, “paranoid”, and avoid using any other mental health condition or symptom as insults or in a negative way.

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