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Hanif Benjamin- How Stigma Prevents Healing

"It doesn't mean that yuh mad." If you went through something traumatic and you need to get help, it have no shame in it. Follow Not Okay & Project RARE Raising Awareness on the Ripple Effect of Gun ViolenceCredit: Hanif E. A. Benjamin / The Centre For Human Development Group of Companies Limited Video by: FlashFocus Media and Candice Alaska

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Hanif Benjamin: How Stigma Prevents Healing

Clinical traumatologist and Chairman of the Children's Authority explains what mental health is, and how the stigma of mental health prevents us from getting better.

How to help somebody suffering from depression. With Reycine Mc Kenzie, Clinical Psychotherapist at UPWARD Counseling and Psychological Services.FOLLOW Not OkayFollow on Instagram:

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How to help somebody with depression.

With Reycine Mc Kenzie, Clinical Psychotherapist explains some of the ways you can help someone depressed.

Some of the things that are #notokay to say to someone suicidal

The way we respond to someone who is suicidal can make a big difference to them. Many of us tend to respond with insensitive and unkind statements that are not okay, and can hurt more than they help.

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