Awareness Makes A Difference. Awareness Can Be Life-Saving.

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We are breaking the silence surrounding mental health in Trinidad and Tobago

Dr Hutchinson– A Person is Not Their Condition

Dr Hutchinson explains that a person’s mental health condition does not define them.


6,800 engagements

56,600 people reached

“Well done…about time, someone with the expertise explain this so people can understand” – Susan W

Suicide Prevention Campaign– Amalgamation Video

A video of persons all around the country sharing messages of hope and letting persons who are struggling know they are not alone.



“This will definitely help people in this country ❤” – Kevin

“Amazing video that is sorely needed in this country.” – Rhonda

“Great video. Its going to help alot of people. Keep up the good work you all.” – Roger


In a society / world where we are made to feel we should hide our messes and moods, it's great to see / hear the challenges and strategies of our local people. Thank you for creating a space where one can relate, where one can listen and learn, where one can feel safe to be themselves, where one can speak their truth.

Roxanne Moore-Seaforth

Absolutely love this page and its purpose. If I had seen some of these posts 10 years ago it would have given me hope and courage. Please keep posting and sharing content that young girls, especially here in T&T, could learn from.


T&T needs a million more of these videos. It will save this nation.


It felt good to see others share their everyday struggles which reiterates the fact that I'm not alone.

Renelle Moore Marcelle

Wow, saw this at a time I needed to be reminded of this the most.

Magdalene Singh (commented on one of our Suicide Prevention videos)
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National Directory of Mental Health Resources

In July 2019, we launched a directory of free and affordable mental health resources in Trinidad and Tobago: it is the first of its kind in the country .

The creation of this directory was a major goal for #NotOkay as we saw a gap in the mental health resources that exist in our country and the people who needed them. According to Kenycia Doyle who built the directory, the design of the directory is "user-friendly, simple, and easily-accessible".


We have an announcement❗️We have launched a directory of free and affordable MENTAL HEALTH resources in Trinidad and Tobago in a simple, user-friendly design: ?“When we started Not Okay and the videos started to gain traction, the questions we got most frequently from individuals were requests for help, whether for themselves or for someone they knew. A natural next step was an easily accessible and user friendly resource guide, which would provide them with services despite income brackets or location.”- Kenycia DoyleFollow Not Okay for more videos on mental health.

Geplaatst door Not Okay op Maandag 8 juli 2019

The Launch of our PTSD campaign

In March, 2019, we hosted an event with Project RARE at the University of Trinidad and Tobago to launch our campaign raising awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was chaired by Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Ysabel Bisnath, and the feature speaker was President and CEO of the Centre for Human Development Group of Companies Ltd., Mr Hanif Benjamin, Clinical Therapist and Traumatologist and Chairman of the Children’s Authority.

It was attended by speakers of the campaign, members of the media, mental health professionals, and stakeholders.

“I have been following you all for some time and since the PTSD campaign began I became more intrigued. On Tuesday my doctor diagnosed me with PTSD I have been suffering for a long time with depression and anxiety. And because of the knowledge I attained from your post, I was able to handle the situation in the proper manner and I know it’s definitely not something I should be ashamed of. All this to say thank you very much.”

Facebook follower

Billboards for Suicide Prevention Month

Last September, on six electronic billboards in T&T, messages of hope were relayed to the persons struggling with suicidal thoughts in T&T. Messages rolled across the screens along Wrightson Road, Ferry terminal, Busy Corner, Chaguanas, the San Fernando bypass and at both the East and West bound lanes of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway at St Augustine, just outside the UWI south entrance.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)

Thank you for sponsoring the venue for our first event that launched our Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Campaign.

BH Rose

Thank you for allowing us to host and update our website for another year.  Our website is an invaluable resource for our organization and audience.

Pearl and Dean

Thank you for sponsoring use of your digital billboards to allow us to display messages of hope to persons struggling with suicidal thoughts in our country.

Oscar Francois Limited

Thank you for sponsoring the Suicide Prevention Campaign and allowing us to reach a larger local audience with our messages of hope. Suicide intervention is a critical need in our country and resources like yours help us in this fight.

The Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago (PowerGen)

Thank you for being a sponsor for our Suicide Prevention Campaign, and allowing our messages of hope to reach a wider audience in Trinidad and Tobago.

G4S Secure Solutions (Trinidad) Ltd.

Thank you for your donation that will allow us to carry out our necessary end-of-year business operations. Your donation makes it possible for us to continue the work that we do.

Thank you

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